About Us

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At Novedades, we understand WOMEN. Women now a days live more complicated lives; they handle more activities, have different roles and their expectations are much higher. For more than 50 years we are catering the Curacao women, we have grown with them and understand their needs and lives. We know that a woman expresses herself through what she wears, at work, at home and in her free time; all their life occasions. We are here; to help you look and feel great. Be all that you can be and more with confidence and style.

Our in-house stylists are committed and driven to help you with this task. They are genuine and warm. At Novedades you are part of the family. Because of this, we bond with our customers and make sure that they will look and feel great with our clothes. We as a business, also hold ourselves to high standards. Our clothing is of high quality and women friendly; our fabrics favor the womanly figure and our sizes are true to size.
Novedades was founded over 50 years, and is still located at the same location Madurostraat, in Punda. In 1985 we branched out and opened another store in Bloempot Shopping Center. Many will have a Novedades story to share; their first outfit for a job interview, dress for a wedding or the great service received from one of our in-house stylists. Thru out the years, both stores, have evolved and experienced their own growth and style.

Novedades stores have head-to-toe outfits, and perfect pieces to finish you off.

Our collection is your reflection!