This Is The Beginning Of Anything You Want! Use It!

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It’s the time ladies! End year has passed and Carnival is there to shine! You must also! This denim dress with a twist is Ang 181,21

A denim dress with a twist. The pattern of the dress is also so retro making your look all “finesse” *. The denim fabric is soft and cool. No need to feel all hot. The flower fabric on the back gives the dress an unexpected twist. It’s like having two dresses.

Dress by Lena B collections available at Novedades Bleompot
Ang 181,21 in size S – XL

The necklace is also a perfect add-on and you can buy this at Novedades Bloempot for Ang 58,25.

All prices include OB

Feel like dancing? Click here for some ” Finesse”