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Cottons, Stripes, Dresses And A Lot Of Denim! New Arrivals! Shop Now!

We’ve got the trends and the looks for you in store! Stop by and shop!

Shop Your Summer Wardrobe Here!
The Best Of Cottons, Stripes, Dresses & Denim!

They are here! Our big collection of cottons! Breezy blouses and dresses! In regular and big sizes!

Who doesn’t love a stripe. We sure do and we’ve combined it with the embroidered trend! And in cotton fabric.

Dressy flower-trend:
The flower trend is still on-going and we’ve received again a beautiful collection of flowered dresses! But the flowers also come back in the delicate embroidery which can be found on various dresses, tops and denim….

We’ve got the slimming style, the embroidered style, the dark-wash, the medium wash, the ankle length but you can also roll them up! We’ve got it all!

And for the first time…..We have sizes that go all the way up to 26W.

We are so excited and want you to be as excited as we are in store!

Shop New Arrivals NOW!