The Journey Of Thousand Miles Starts With One Step.

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The sound of a Satin skirt is fashion… Ang 171,67

And we have it in store. The high-low style gives it an playful and edgy look. The perfect skirt to wear and just enjoy life. Wear it elegant or semi-elegant. And just enjoy the sound when you walk on by.

Skirt by Lena B Evening available at Novedades Bloempot
Ang 171,67 in size 6 – 16

But then there’s the top. A beautiful matte-shine to with great details in front. You can wear it in our out. The color is like a powerful birthstone making the look complete.

Top by Pinda available at Novedades Bloempot
Ang 86,87 in size S – XL

All prices include OB