Our Brands

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Lena B Collections
Lena B Collections is tailored to the sophisticated career woman amongst us, who is also a mother, sister, wife, friend, manager etc. She has a full life and is ambitious. Therefore her wardrobe needs to consist of the great basics which are easily transferred from day in to evening. From work to an event, but also to run an errand while looking fabulous and feeling confident.

Lena B Tropical
Lena B Tropical is a line designed for more casual, less structured, leisure outing, while still looking great. Lots of cottons, linens, with basic colors, that make combining effortless.

Lena B Evening
From floor-length gown to cocktail dresses, we carry a formal line all year round. Our dresses are made from delicate fabrics and always have that special touch in the form of beading, lace, threading and great cuts and styles.

Pinda is our more budget oriented line which consists of a large collection of casual, feminine and versatile clothing for a wide range of women. This line appeals more to the junior executives, who still want to look and feel professional while they climb the career ladder. Pinda also has a big collection of casual wear which is great for the weekends and other casual events at competitive prices.

We complement our lines with a great assortment of undergarments “fit wear” that will help tuck in and favor the woman’s figure. We also carry an extensive collection of bijouterie, scarves, shawls, boleros which can be easily combined with any outfit.

All our brands have this goal in common: to make you look and feel confident, wherever the day takes you from daily basics to trends.