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Shop this black jegging style compressed pants: Ang 130,33

Let’s talk about these pants. Serious business ladies. We all love comfort and we all love style. Novedades always has seriously good pants. We have pull on, we have the regular zipper & button. different lengths and fabrics and colors. What they all have in common is that our pants are in sync with the woman body. Belly support and where needed, for every life occasion and always a bit on the high waisted end making sure that everything looks smooth.

    These pants in particular are made from a very strong thick stretchy fabric that still feels smooth around your body. Compresses everything together without making you loose breath, straight leg and closed pipes. Small detail at the top. Belly in, tush out and out you go.

    Pants by Lena B collection available at Novedades Bloempot
    Ang 130,33 in size S – XL

    Top by Pinda available at Novedades Bloempot
    Ang 99,11 in size S- XL and available in cream color at Novedades Punda

    Earring available at both stores in gold and silver color. Only Ang 4,77

    Prices include OB